Monday, 24 October 2016

Spalted Beech Boards

A few months ago I became the proud co-owner of a sawmill. It is a Woodland Mills HM130 band saw mill. It is currently stationary but will be on a trailer in the not too distant future, at which point we will be able to offer mobile milling services. 

I am yet to take any photos of us using the sawmill, but here are some photos of the stunning spalted Beech that I was milling up last week. I can't wait to get some of these seasoned and start turning them into beautiful items. We will be selling air dried hardwood boards, and should have lots more of this gorgeous spalted Beech. 

Since purchasing the sawmill we have been constantly busy fulfilling orders for building structural timber and cladding in Larch. It has been great to be able to supply local builders with this fantastic building material but it has been very satisfying to start milling some hardwoods.