Saturday, 30 August 2014

All change.

It seems that almost two years have passed since I last updated this blog. A lot has happened over that time. Soon after my last post I started living off grid, and have not had regular internet access since then. I mentioned in Oct 2012 that I was about to start an apprenticeship at the Cherrywood Project, near Bath. Well, that happened and it was great. I definitely came out of the other side of it with a lot more skills and direction, as well as friends. It would be great to write a post about my adventures, trials and tribulations as apprentice, with lots of lovely photos, but thats not going to happen now, too much time has passed. Instead I am going to start closer to the present and attempt to carry on updating the blog (more) regularly with projects I am working on.

Since finishing my apprenticeship in October last year I have started managing a woodland at Westley Farm near Stroud, Gloucestershire. It is still early days and a lot of my energy is going into setting myself up, but the aim is to scale up my making to focus more on gates, fencing, furniture and structures, as well as carrying on with the smaller items.

I will end this post with a couple of photos, courtesy of Lloyd Newman, my fellow apprentice, of structures that we have worked on together, during and after our time at Cherrywood.

Roundwood timber framed workshop using Larch

Sawn Larch timber frame extension

Roundwood timber framed outdoor kitchen
I plan to do more detailed posts on these structures and others I have worked on at a later date.