Monday, 3 December 2012


It is nice when I learn a bit of the story behind one of my handmade items, once it has left me. I have been sending off a few items lately to far flung places through my etsy shop.

Today I noticed that I had got a number of hits on my shop from a website called Tintina Fibres, so, wondering why, I checked it out. It turns out Rachel, who runs the website, had ordered a 3.5mm crochet hook from me a month ago, and now it has been transported half way round the world to the Yukon in Northern Canada. Rachel makes hand spun yarn and crochets beautiful, hats and bags which she sells on her website and etsy shop.

Some of Rachel's hand spun wool on her spinning wheel
It is amazing to me to think of one of my hooks carved here in rural Wiltshire, being used by a talented crafts person in the cold wilds of Canada. Thanks Rachel!

Today I am posting this Scandinavian style wooden kuksa cup to someone in North Carolina, on the east coast of the USA, and it pleases me to think of someone swigging a local tipple from it in this far away town that (the magic of google earth tells me) is surrounded by forest